Harindanga Ramkrishna Vivekananda Sangha

From the desk of Secretary
Dear Friends,
I am privileged to present this Annual Report of 2014-15 of HRVS to our members, friends colleagues and well wishers and to those who were always a sources of our encouragement and inspiration. HRVS is working close with Government and Non-Governmental Organizations to bridge the gap of unnerved and underserved areas in the field of Education and eradication of illiteracy, Health and Socio economic development.
HRVS played a pivotal role in the various issues of development in the community, starting with merely a work of income generating activities for women, in the year. We have now been able to establish its strong existence in the field of physical & mental upbringing of people thus to create an enabling environment to live healthy, strong & positive lives. The integrated approach with various projects of HRVS has been able to create an environment leading towards better condition of poeple.
One of our major activity is school programme. Our organisation is situated in famous 'SUNDARBAN'. People residing here are mostly living below the poverty line. Poverty is so acute that they can not effort educating their kids. Due to lack of education women trafficking, early marriage, child labour are rampant. All above things taking into consideration. We are running 2 (two) nos. of edcuational institution "SUNDARBAN" area one at Harindanga another at Madhabpur. Fees are nominal. More than 10% students are styding at free of cost.
Our greatest strength is the continued support form multiple sources in the from of technical guidance, training, finance and materials from various agencies. On the other hand the continued encouragement and support of the people from the community were also a great of inspiration for bringing success of HRVS work.
I sincerely thank of our funding Partnes, well wishers, facilitators and the people of the community. I am thankful to the members of HRVS Governing Board, who always guided IIRVS with their valued suggessions and recommendations. I also extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my colleagues at different corner of the state, because of their strong will and sincere interventions, selfless love and commitment to the society. The next few pages will share about the various functions of HRVS and their performances, achievements and experiences during the reporting year.